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Reporting directly to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Payment App Product, the CTO Office Project Manager is a strategic and integral member of our CTO leadership team as known as the CTO office. As the right-hand of the CTO, a successful candidate will help manage and oversee cross-functional technical initiatives related to technology exploration and acceleration while ensuring overall CTO Office leadership effectiveness.
This individual must have the ability to build strong business relationships, promote and execute emerging technology processes, deep analytical skills, and display solid leadership and teamwork skills; all coupled with the ability to think strategically yet execute in a hands-on manner. And most importantly, he or she must be very fluent in English.
Key Responsibilities
Plan and oversee all activities for CTO office and overall technical departments across Payment App Product
Participate in CTO project roadmap planning, review and identify risk and solutions;
Support CTO in overall resource planning across technical departments;
Coordinate and oversee the CTO Office monthly/quarterly or annual planning process from an operational and budgetary perspective;
Objective management
Support CTO in objective management by keeping track/following up Technical department’s objectives/deliverables;
Support CTO in developing and managing dashboard and analytics to monitor outcomes of Technical departments;
Support CTO define working process/working flows that help the interaction and collaboration of technical stakeholders;
Project management & reporting
Coordinate and oversee CTO Office strategic initiatives and projects including, but not limited to emerging technology, architecture, and organizational alignment and transformation;
Be able to provide overall reporting of CTO office to senior management, provide the status updates, highlight the key achievement and risk to management;
Provide support to the CTO on a wide range of responsibilities
Provide decision support through research, analysis of information, and clear presentation of considerations;
Provide counsel on how to collaborate to ensure coverage in the situations where the CTO has multiple commitments;
Coordinate & and prioritizes activities of the CTO and ensures that no CTO responsibilities and deliverables fall through the cracks;
Define the agenda for engineering all-hands meetings, helping the presentations to the management teams;
Ensure smooth communication between the CTO office and all teams across Payment App Product, enabling effective cross-functional collaboration across the company


Bachelor or above in Software Engineering/ Computer Science or related technology field;
5+ years working in a technology based function or leading software projects or similar role that involves not only technical knowledge and understanding but also executive level interactions (comfortable working with senior leaders/partners);
Being fluent in English is a must;
Significant cross-functional project experience, working with many stakeholders across departments;
Structured approach to decision making, but with a strong bias towards action and speed;
High-level thinker, but also detail-oriented when executing on projects;
Good at driving accountability;
Emotional intelligence, empathy, and ability to establish trusting and strong relationships;
Good communicator and ability to influence others;
Strong written, presentation and verbal communication skills;
Provides leadership and presence to regularly present information to an executive audience;
Highly collaborative with excellent interpersonal skills


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