C++ Developer (Relocate to Berlin, Germany/ Remote)


We're looking for bright, creative Developers with a solid theoretical background. Our team's backgrounds range from 10+ years of commercial experience in various fields to fresh graduates in Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics. A university degree or work experience with C++, in combination with a fresh and creative problem-solving approach, would be ideal for this role. We love working with talented people, whether you're a student, fresh graduate, or C++ expert, therefore our recruitment process is skills-based and consists of tasks related to the role.
You will mostly work independently and will be responsible for the whole range of tasks involved in implementing a new feature. You should be able to look at a problem from the user's perspective and discuss abstract concepts with fellow Developers. We expect each of our Developers to do architecture, design, implementation, customer feedback and bug fixing, rather than splitting these activities between several people. We thus put everyone in control of their own work.


We are looking for smart, creative developers with a solid theoretical background. Our team of developers consists of those with 15+ years of commercial experience in various fields, to fresh graduates in Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics. A university degree or work experience with C++, together with a fresh and creative problem-solving approach would be an excellent combination for this role. As all of our recruitment steps are task-based, the selection is based on the skills demonstrated during our tests.
Language: fluent in English or German. We only require one of those languages
Tech stack: C++ (overall language knowledge, we don`t require the latest standards e.g., C++ 17), algorithms
Working experience: any, we have several fresh university graduates
Education for those who relocate to Berlin:
EU citizens- no restrictions
Others, who don`t have an EU passport - are required to have a technical university degree (starting from a bachelor) or 3 years of proven IT experience (both are needed for visa purposes only)
remote position is open exclusively to candidates residing and working within the time zones of UTC-1 to UTC+4
not working from countries that are underworld sanctions
if a candidate wants to work remotely, they need to be a legal resident of it for EoR or be able to sign a B2B/freelancer contract
Suggestions: candidates from Germany with a PhD in Physics, candidates from Eastern Europe with a bachelor's degree and up in Computer Science, Math, and Physics, and candidates from the UK with a bachelor's degree and up in Computer Science.


A wide array of extremely challenging C++ development tasks
An international team of brilliant minds
A working environment that makes this team stay and grow
Enough time to make sure that every detail of your solution is perfect
A flat organization and plenty of room for your ideas
No scheduled meetings
Lifestyle-friendly working hours, no deadlines, no overtime
Support for relocation
A competitive salary from the start and a raise to EUR 130, 000 annually after only one year
At Company, there are no deadlines or scheduled meetings. A feature is ready to be released when you are convinced that you have implemented the best possible solution. Meetings take place as needed, and only the people actually involved in the topic are required to attend. At any time in the process, ideas, suggestions and criticism from anybody in the hierarchy are welcome and are seriously considered. We want to hear your ideas, even if they mean that we have to change a lot of code to make things better.
We have published several scientific articles in the areas of artificial intelligence and computer graphics, and we will encourage you to do the same. We sponsor visits to conferences and have close relationships with universities and research institutes across the U.S. and Germany.
Company encourages a healthy work-life balance. We do not work at night or on weekends.
We pay very competitive salaries and offer our Developers EUR 130,000 annually after one year of employment. If necessary, we will go out of our way to help you relocate to Berlin, and we will do what we can to help you acquire a work permit. You should be able to communicate effectively in English. Knowing German is not required, but we will arrange and cover to costs of German lessons, if desired.


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Others - Germany


90,000 – 130,000 euro per year

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