Chief Technology Officer


Overall Technical Architecture and The Evolution:
In charge of the overall technical architecture from end to end.
Ensure company’s products are stable, less error prone, easy to expand, and easy to maintain
Have the technical sense to find the improvement rooms, and keep improving company’s payment platform.
Identify Technology Solutions:
Assess current and anticipated business needs related to technology ranging from infra to application development
Identify both short- and long-term technological solution
Make critical decisions regarding hiring personnel and implementing solutions that will allow the company to grow and thrive
Improving the Delivery Efficiency and Quality:
Responsible for team competence build-up and development, and be measured by the team’s final deliverables
Keep developing team’s technical strength, make team keep improving the delivery efficiency and quality by all kinds of approaches, from talents hiring, skill development, engineering culture building, and to platform and tools improvement
Monitor and Analyze Technology Trends and Opportunity:
Monitor technology trends and performance, which can include assessing user adoption, daily users of software or service, or areas where the company is not fully utilizing its technological capabilities
Determine metrics to measure the company’s technologies, comparing actual results to forecasts and internal benchmarks, directing teams to solve issues as they arise
Create Organization-Wide Technology Standards and Practices
Establish and implement company-wide standards and practices related to the organization’s technologies
Involve in big-picture planning, as well as more focused decisions about user-facing elements of the company’s technologies
Monitor these standards and practices, making adjustments based on changing circumstances or company activities
Manage Operating and Capital Budgets
Closely manage the financial aspects of technology development and implementation by managing operating and capital budgets
Perform careful analysis and forecasting of return on investment for the company’s technologies
Provide leadership and guidance in hiring and personnel development, determine how to best allocate funds toward building effective technologies
Manage Public Relations
Serve as public face of the company’s technological projects and developments
Organize and present press conferences to highlight new technologies or products offered by the organizations
Manage negative publicity related to the company’s technologies


Bachelor degree in Computer Science or similar
Experience & Skills
At least 10 - 15 years of experience in an overall software company having held executive roles in recognized innovative organizations
Good technical and product background in the financial industry, ideally in Payment, Internet Finance or ewallet
Good business and technical hands-on capabilities
Led infrastructure, information security and IT, along with engineering for payments
Designed and ran scalable architecture, capable of withstanding multi millions of requests per day.
Experience with technology relative to industry. For example, Java EE, Open source framework spring, hibernate, ibatis and so on. Familiar with cloud and container technologies. Familiar with mainstream mobile front end technologies and framework
Excellent leadership, team building, and management skills. Has the capability to lead the team and overcome the business and technical challenges
Able to build strong interpersonal relationships with peers, business leaders, and other senior management throughout the company
Possess good analytical, cognitive, planning and organizing skillset.
Able to be a ‘big picture’ thinker
Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
Self-driven and self-motivated, has entrepreneurship and startup spirit


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Product, mobile payment, ewallet

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Management, Java


Ho Chi Minh - Viet Nam



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