Frontend Developer


Our Client provides kintone - no-code enterprise application platform for teams. You will be responsible for:
Consulting solution for customer to use company’s platform
Customizing application based on company’s platform according to customer’s requirements
Customizing web application to create plugin for kintone application
Creating client tool, mobile app to access to company’s platform
Integrating company’s system with other cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud Service & Microsoft Azure
Researching & developing DX environment:
Creating SDK, library, UI Component, Client Tool…
Writing developer guide to create & customize application
Supporting developers who use company’s products via communities


Under 2 years of experience:
Experience in at least 1 programming language 
Knowledge about HTML/CSS/JavaScript and familiar frameworks/libraries such as React, Vue.js or jQuery,...
From 2 years of experience:
Experience in at least 2 programming languages
Experience in IT field in 2 latest working years
From 3 years of experience:
Master of using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and familiar frameworks/libraries such as React, Vue.js or jQuery,...
Experience in cloud service (AWS/GCP/MS Azure…)
Experience in setting up CI/CD
General requirements:
Flexibility in using any programming languages
Familiarity with Linux or Windows development environment 
Knowledge about:
Web application development
API architectures: RESTful, SOAP
Node Package Manager tools such as npm, yarn,...
Transpiler and build tool such as babel, webpack,...
Ability to read and write specifications in English 
Age: up to 27
Preferred qualifications
Strong experience in building scalable web applications or cloud services
Proficiency in any of real time user experience, media streaming, touch user experience, off-line browsing, the latest web rendering (HTML5) programming skill
Other major worldwide cloud services programming experience
Not only software designing, but also system and infrastructure architectural designing capability
Fluency in listening and speaking English
Experience in UI/UX design


Working with great people in an international-standard and professional environment with great chances to learn new skills and gain valuable experience, receive competitive salary, and a number of other benefits as follows:
Flexibility in working space & time: work from home (5 days per month), flexible working time
Well-equipped facilities: laptop (Macbook...) & PC with 2 monitors
Salary review: twice a year
Opportunities to go on business trips to Japan, China, US…
Global medical insurance: support 100% for employees and 50% for 2 family members
Income compensation insurance
Death & disabilities insurance
Support for Japanese/English study/exam and skill training
Unlimited support for events/parties/club activities
Support for team building activities
Creative & young working space
2 additional annual leaves issued by company besides ones pursuant to labor law
5 days of refresh holiday after every 5 consecutive working years
Fixed bonus: 13th-month salary
Other bonus: depends on Cybozu Group’s annual turnovers 
Annual MVP award
Annual company trip


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Job Summary

Company Type:

Offshore, Product, Collaborative software

Technical Skills:

Frontend, Javascript


Ho Chi Minh - Viet Nam


up to $ 1,700

Job ID: