Reverse Engineer (Relocate to Berlin, Germany)


Company distinguishes itself from other Microsoft Office add-ins by having an intuitive user interface, smart algorithms that automate many tasks and, not least, a deep integration into its Office host application. To achieve this deep integration, we use the public APIs offered by Office and Windows whenever we can, but unfortunately, they do not let us do everything we want to do. So, we add our own customization hooks into the Office and Windows binaries. When company loads, it finds the code locations and installs its hooks.
Instead of using fixed addresses, we find code locations using machine code patterns to be robust against minor changes. If an update to Office or Windows still breaks some of the patterns, company will automatically download and install any available version with updated patterns.
Finding ways to achieve a desired customization is a truly zen-like activity. It requires deep analytical skills, the ability to juggle vast amounts of information in the head and quickly separate promising from less promising approaches.


Language: English
Working experience: binary code and malware analysis, IDA and/or IDA Pro disassembler, security vulnerabilities, understanding of data structures and algorithms involving dozens of functions all from nothing but binary
Education for those who relocate to Berlin:
EU citizens-no restrictions
Others, who don`t have an EU passport - required to have a technical university degree (starting from bachelor's) or 3 years of proven IT experience (both are needed for visa purposes only)


An international team of brilliant minds
A working environment that makes this team stay and grow
Enough time to make sure that every detail of your solution is perfect
A flat organization and plenty of room for your ideas
No scheduled meetings
Lifestyle-friendly working hours, no deadlines, no overtime
Support for relocation
A competitive salary from the start and a raise to EUR 130,000 annually after only one year
At Company, there are no deadlines or scheduled meetings. A feature is ready to be released when you are convinced that you have implemented the best possible solution. Meetings take place as needed, and only the people actually involved in the topic are required to attend. At any time in the process, ideas, suggestions and criticism from anybody in the hierarchy are welcome and are seriously considered. We want to hear your ideas, even if they mean that we have to change a lot of code to make things better.
We have published several scientific articles in the areas of artificial intelligence and computer graphics, and we will encourage you to do the same. We sponsor visits to conferences and have close relationships with universities and research institutes across the U.S. and Germany.
Company encourages a healthy work-life balance. We do not work at night or on weekends.
We pay very competitive salaries and offer our Developers EUR 130, 000 annually after one year of employment. If necessary, we will go out of our way to help you relocate to Berlin, and we will do what we can to help you acquire a work permit. You should be able to communicate effectively in English. Knowing German is not required, but we will arrange and cover to costs of German lessons, if desired.


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#1 PowerPoint software

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Others - Germany


90,000 – 130,000 euro per year

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