Solution Architect


A solution architect plays an important role in the development of software systems, from gathering and translating requirements into workable designs to directing the activities of the rest of the development team. This role requires excellent attention to detail, view of the big picture, creative problem solving, and ability to think short and long-term.
The solution architect frequently needs to: 
Examine functional specifications and translate them into system guidelines that shape project development,
Lead the collaborative process of creating and evolving system designs that strike the appropriate balance between meeting current needs and facilitating future evolutions,
Find ways to align projects with enterprise-level systems,
Be responsible for conducting research into existing systems, devising solutions that work within those systems,
Be able to translate engineering solutions to non-technical people
Answer questions regarding software capabilities and requirements,
And work to resolve issues that arise during the development cycle. 
Ability to write code when needed, on-going hands on support for the front-end, back-end and data team.
Responsibilities and Duties:
Understand technical excellence and what can be accomplished in next iteration,
Design and assist in the implementation of services/components/solutions,
Incorporate the appropriate level of long term thinking in designs,
Understand the business strategy and economics of development and returns,
Act as a contributor when appropriate (including coding and data design)
Uncover hidden assumptions and constraints,
Be able to diplomatically expose the (sometimes hard) truths,
Mentor, educate, and train team members,
Be able to make a decision, be able to consider input and alternatives, and explain the rationale to a technical as well as a non technical audience,
Be humble, have experience and judgement


Minimum 3 years writing code (Ideally Java, Node or React)
Have experienced different system designs and 2 years designing systems (Unified Modeling Language),
Strong experience with open source and free development platforms (like Node, Java, Scala and React).
Strong experience with AWS Cloud Design and development
Experience in data design and good knowledge of constraints and use cases associated to different types of data storage systems
Knowledge of concurrent and distributed systems (learned about Fallacies of Distributed Systems and CAP theorem before this interview),
Knowledge of important design principles and architectural patterns, and of the ways they can be implemented,
Knowledge of security patterns, and of the ways they can be implemented,
Real experience with REST, API, messaging, data storage systems (relational, document, and key/value), microservices and event driven systems,
Willing to work independently and embedded within teams.
Experience working with a global team would be a plus 


Annual Leave: 18 days/year
Probation Leave: 3 days/ 2 month
Salary review: 2 times/year
13th-month bonus
Gift for birthday
Company Trip once a year
Full salary insurance
Generali Health Insurance
International working environment
Opportunity to onsite in Japan, US, UK, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia
Support Laptop and Monitor


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NodeJS, Golang, Java, PHP, AWS


Ho Chi Minh - Viet Nam


$ 4,000 - $ 5,000

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